Just start… and see what happens

Here’s a little something to keep the heart all a flutter for the coming of 2013.Β Its never too late to start anything πŸ™‚


Dino, Woolly & Dodo


Here’s their story πŸ™‚

*seems like I couldn’t get the video to be embedded here. But do watch the video for a bit of inspiration on this lovely Friday morning πŸ™‚


The story about The YOuyii gift

Handmade in Singapore
Handmade in Singapore

I’ve been dreaming to learn sewing the last few months. Yes, dressmaking and crafts and such. I wished so much that I can sew something of my own. So the quest brought me to search for a sewing school. Sadly, there was only a handful that I found. There were tons of the other courses though. Websites, E-marketing, Finance etc. But of the old skills.. not much. It seems to be dying is this new age of technology.

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