The story about The YOuyii gift

Handmade in Singapore
Handmade in Singapore

I’ve been dreaming to learn sewing the last few months. Yes, dressmaking and crafts and such. I wished so much that I can sew something of my own. So the quest brought me to search for a sewing school. Sadly, there was only a handful that I found. There were tons of the other courses though. Websites, E-marketing, Finance etc. But of the old skills.. not much. It seems to be dying is this new age of technology.

It is scary how much I don’t know how to do so many simple things like crocheting a coaster or sewing a pencil case or even do cursive handwriting! And there are not many people left who are interested to do these ‘manual’ things. Or I’m probably hanging out with the wrong crowd 🙂

So, I’m making a commitment for 2013 to learn one ‘old’ skill at least. Will update on that again once I’ve found something 🙂

YOuyii luggage

I wanted to share about The YOuyii Project. Or the pet name they have which is ‘There is a Mammoth in the room’. The values that this project is reviving, is really something close to my heart. Below is a bit of an intro to their project.

There is a Mammoth in the room
There is a Mammoth in the room



“We dread the day when nothing is handmade in our country anymore. When time-honoured crafts no longer exist, When skills like carpentry, metalworking and tailoring are as a dead as a Dodo. It’s a little scary to think that we might one day forget how to hammer a nail or sew a button – Crafts that may go the way of the Dino, buried in mud like Woolly mammoth tusks.

We believe our world will be a better place if Dino, Woolly and Dodo still “roamed” freely. We believe that our home will be a happier place if there is greater diversity, Where dreams are pursued, and people thought more about how they lead their lives.

The YOuyii Project saw the creation of 3 plushies: Dino, Woolly and Dodo. They represent the call to restore the YOuyii values before they go extinct. Dino, Woolly and Dodo are each part of The YOuyii Project Box. Make a symbolic adoption at to help save them and support The YOuyii Project’s conservation efforts.”is flickering close to extinction, dig deep and remember what you live for. Surround yourself with people, books and projects that are meaningful. The things that made you once come alive. Believe in yourself. Embrace the mammoths.”

The YOuyii Project plushies
The YOuyii Project plushies

Connect with them on FB and if you’d like to adopt Dino, Woolly and Dodo, do drop by VivoCity #01-81 (outside Timberland). They will be there till the 24th December 2012.


And before I end this post, here’s a little something to keep note of for ourselves 🙂



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