I’m following the sun..

Hello and a Happy Monday to you!

Its been a while since the last post. Lots of things have been keeping me busy all of which has nothing much to do with work. Hmm.. let me explain.

One of the outtakes during my shoot. My cats are the death of me. Imagine trying to do serious work and them trampling all over those serious work! But I do find this cute 🙂 after the photoshoot that is.

The only way is forward. That’s what I tell myself these days. So to move forward is to do things differently sometimes. I’ve always wanted to take up sewing and get comfortable with a sewing machine. I’ve taken my fear by the horns and sent my mom’s old machine for repair. Honestly, I’ve never felt so grown up after seeing it running like new. And the sound it makes…aahhhh.. inspiring 😉  And I’m challenging myself to sew something each month. I shall put up all progress via my instagram.

And the other thing i’ve been busy with is, Adobe Illustrator. I’m learning how to use the program and i’ve been going through a workbook. Err.. I’m still trying to get the hang of it. I will get there with the proper patience and practice 😛

I’m looking to do some write ups/ videos on photography. Nothing technical cos there’s a lot of good resources already online. More on my thoughts and creative process behind a project. I’m still wrangling out what to focus on. Will reach there soon.

If you have any suggestions about what you’d like me to share, just send me a message here and I’ll have a look through to see how I can do that.

So, what have you been up to lately?


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