Balancing colour to natural light

Just some stuffs that’s driving me crazy. Colour balance.


I love shooting with natural light. But I have found that natural light in Singapore has a certain colour temperature. Plus, its not constant. I’m not even talking about being constant for 1 hour. It changes every time I click the shutter! And its always a race to shoot in daylight here.

Of course, it will be easier if this light can be re-created.

The bigger the light source, the softer the light.

A huge softbox will help in this instance (thank God for strobes!). You can place it anywhere you want. Light it from the back or the side. And voila. This also means you will need a bigger space to shoot. And if you have white walls on both sides, that will be great to bounce off your lights. And after that, I can tweak the colour in Capture One.


Okay… now back to work…

_DSC7584 _DSC7619


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