On my way to creating a ripple effect


One of the things that hit me this morning, its time to not let the fear take control of my thoughts.

This is a HUGE challenge for me! I’ve always enjoyed living in my head and not interacting much with the world out there. But being in business, this is absolutely a NO. Marketing requires me to be out there, sharing my brownies or rather sharing what I can offer to the world.

So, a toast to a new beginning. I’m at baby steps definitely but as Lao Tzu said:

” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”


I’m excited! I love my work and I love what I do.  And it’s time to earn a proper living from doing the things I love! I’m really nervous but I’m looking forward to the journey 🙂

If you have any wise words to share, please, I would welcome those words very much! Just drop me a note in the comments below ^^ Thank you!




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