Visual content in Marketing

The past few weeks, I’m all loaded with information that I have not had time to sort through.

But this came through my mail this morning. In this day and age, visual has never had more impact than now. Amongst others of course. This article has a lot of relevant tips on how you can better engage your fans in social media. It also means, more time at my laptop, which I’m not pleased at all! When do I actually get to photograph something?! Sigh.. 1st World problems indeed.

Click and have a look at it and I hope it tides you through to the next post. So much to share and so little time! And if you have not subscribed to, please do so! They have so many helpful tips and tricks to working your stuffs online. I’m still trawling through all the information. But I hope this helps somebody at least 🙂

See you soon!! And have a wonderful weekend ahead!

using text and visual content


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