The Language of Flowers

So what did I do today? I took a break and attended a most lovely class. Its a nice feeling to take a break from work photography sometimes and just do a bit of passion photography šŸ˜‰

I love the class! Well mostly because I LOVE flowers and I’m obsessed with it and anything to do with it including essential oils. Sigh.. that will be a topic entirely on its own..

It was held at Wilder cafe along North Bridge Road. Do Google them if you wana stop by. They have a unique menu and geared towards the healthy eating side. Still tastes just as delicious šŸ™‚

Anyway, the class touched on a little of the history of 7 most popular flowers in the world which I absolutely LOVE! Nothing quite like hearing juicy, scandalous information to make me fall in love with them even more ^^ I do wish it was longer! And after that a little info about essential oils (20 minutes is not enough!) followed by a light brunch before we start our hands-on activity. Yes, I do feel it should be a full day event haha!

Shukri Kadola, the man, the Petalsmith, and founder of Bloem delivered the workshop with much flair šŸ™‚ What I enjoyed about the workshop was, I am free to explore a simple flower arrangement that will still look gorgeous on my table without all the technicalities of flower arranging itself. Plus, I’m a girl who enjoys the little details and background stories which I thought was presented in a nice, bite-sized way. And the team that helped Shukri with the workshop was so helpful, friendly and giggly that they are just an awesome bunch of people to spend a Sunday morning with šŸ™‚ So, if this sounds like what you will like, check Bloem out! The next workshop has been scheduled for April šŸ™‚

Meanwhile, enjoy the onslaught of pictures here ^^

_DSC2213_DSC2218 _DSC2221 _DSC2223 _DSC2225 _DSC2226 _DSC2236 _DSC2237 _DSC2240 _DSC2250 _DSC2253 _DSC2254 _DSC2265 _DSC2275 _DSC2277 _DSC2291 _DSC2299 _DSC2303 _DSC2312 _DSC2319 _DSC2333 _DSC2339 _DSC2361 _DSC2370 _DSC2373 _DSC2375 _DSC2378 _DSC2383 _DSC2400 _DSC2439 _DSC2442 _DSC2448 _DSC2455 _DSC2459


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