Sharing Me

Just Be.
I saw this fungi/mushroom by the side of the road. Alone. And it was the most brave sight I’ve ever seen. It was out there in the hot sun, with heavy smoky traffic passing by. And it stood there, all positive and strong amidst all that green grass. And I was blown away. It was too bad that a few hours after, I saw it destroyed, trampled upon. And I was glad I managed to capture a shot of this courageous little tiny thing in its strength and magnificence.

So finally it seemed like I’m growing up a little. Its a start. A good start.

It feels good to go against the fear and do something anyway. Ok in case you are wondering what was this life scaring event; I had just updated my ‘about’ page in this WordPress 🙂 I sounded more grown up and grounded. Not boring I hope! Hmmm… have a read and let me know yeah.

I shall make it a point to share more often even though it makes me uncomfortable at times. I guess I will learn along the way what to share and what not to. I’m still getting the hang of all these media stuffs. When do I share on Facebook/ Blog/ Instagram? And can I have similar information posted across all 3 platforms? Or is that a boo-boo? Sigh. HELP!!

You might also notice some small layout changes here. It looks okay I hope. For the meantime anyway. Because I was envying some blogs out there that has the nice minimalistic look I’ve always admired while I’m still trying to figure out how to use WordPress here :B One thing at a time, I always say. To other people, that is. I guess I have to start taking my own advice.

And I will be sharing images I’ve taken and loved but has not seen the light of day anywhere. I’m a perfectionist at heart although I try not to be. But this has stopped me from putting out my images. I constantly ask myself:

a) Is this a good platform to share? Are there other more perfect ones?

b) Are the pictures good enough? There are some other really good photographers, you know and what if this doesn’t match up?

c) Isn’t it strange that I’m taking this kind of pictures and sharing it when its not in line with the work I do?

And et cetera, et cetera. So I’m saying GOODBYE to that. And be prepared for the onlsaught of pictures here 🙂

Also, there was a project that I was supposed to launch here in the blog back in December 2013. I think I’m ready now to start it. I shall talk about it more once I’ve got some details sorted out.

So.. Yay! I survived! Till we meet again soon 😉 Have a lovely week ahead!