Mindful Break: How To Cure Worrying Too Much

Its one of those moments (again..) where I feel like I’m stuck. I think I worry too much. This article came in at a good time. Something to ponder about. Especially that about “learning to trust the Universe (or God) completely and that I always have exactly what I need”



I was at a trendy breakfast spot in Soho.

Modern, super delicious food, hip New Yorkers.

In the far corner were three people who stood out from the crowd.

That’s hard to do in New York City.

You could wear phosphorescent green, ultra-skinny jeans… and in NYC, you’d fit right in.

You could be a conjoined twin with two heads of different ethnic origin… and in NYC, you’d fit right in.

You could say out loud, “Jezamachafreeakmakamaka!” And in NYC, somebody would say “Screw you!” but somebody else would say “I hear ya brother!”

Point being… it’s hard to stand out here!

So just who were these three people who stood out from the crowd in Soho?

They were monks in full robes enjoying Sunday brunch.

As one of them walked passed me I said to him, “I have to let you know… your energy is awesome. Do you have any worries whatsoever?”

He said, “Of…

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